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blank pages :

looking at those blank pages,

seems, its tastefully done

that space :

that space

left in between


life of i :

not in pursuit of ………

but, to making a meaning.


Route Map

Distance        – 2820 km

Days                – 15  Continue Reading »

yes or no :

Why is that I cannot stop seeing those millions of options between Yes or No….

Industrial age bubble – “ Take – Make – Waste “, way of thinking which dominated the world for the last 200 years is coming to an end.

Nike has reduced its “carbon foot print“ by more than 75 percent. This was not enforced upon them by any regulatory authorities. Looking for the truly innovative opportunities for the future, company declared to achieve zero waste, zero toxicity, and 100 percent recyclable across its entire product range by 2020. Continue Reading »

life ii :

Life becomes interesting, when it is looked beyond its obvious linearity.

i am :

I think, therefore i am

I question, therefore i am

I communicate, therefore i am

I mediate, therefore i am

I remediate, therefore i am

I construct, therefore i am

I am, because we are

happiness :

I was in search of happiness for a long while,
then I stopped seeking and I found.

life :

Life a beautiful story, one gets to co-author.

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