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Archive for September, 2006

the interpreter :

Canton fair held in the Guangzhou province of China, probably would be the biggest commodities fair in the world. My visit to this place was much before the Chinese threat actually hovered over rest of the world. Atleast the Chinese code hadn’t struck the Indian soil. [ cialis low price | viagra effects on the […]

50 paise chocolates :

When I came back after a short visit to US, my brother sent across a pack loaded with chocolates for his fiancee. In one of the days, the same week, I found time to deliver this pack to her during office hours. As I picked the bag, I realized that as the pack had been […]


I have a strong feeling that my internal GPS needs a total revamp. Though Trichur is my home town, I still get confused going places. Though I spend most of my week days in Kochi, I still get confused when I get off my routine routes. Today, I am in a state were, neither do […]

in search of shin from kochin :

When I started my trip from Kochin, I really didn’t think twice, before boasting to my friends about this trip of mine, on the trails of Snow leopards. But when I met Charu in Leh and started planing for the days ahead, I just realised that spotting a snow leopard was just a distant dream, […]

tractor ride :

My first ever tractor ride was in Kibber on our way to the Chichim reserve which came as a bonus in the 12km trek. During this bumpy ride, exposed to dust and ridicule, I was barely hanging on to the MS ring, which is supposed to be the seat. [ viagra 100 mg | 0rz.tw […]

my first night :

When I reached Leh, first thing Charu told me was about the High Altitude Sickness. I should be getting my head ache any time soon. Since I had this issue of motion sickness, I knew what would be following soon. [ how much cialis | how often can you take viagra | buy pfizer viagra […]

co passenger in valley metro :

My co passenger sitting in the front seat was a young lady with a 5 month old kid. I was enjoying the lil chit chat the lady was having with the kid and was impressed by the way she kept the kid busy. Then the lady sitting next to me joined the conversation with the […]

takpa’s marriage :

By the evening, I was told, we have an invitation for a marriage function and that we are supposed to join them for dinner. Its Takpa’s marriage….. !!! [ adverse side effects of viagra | womens viagra | viagra suppliers in the uk | guaranteed cheapest viagra | viagra buy viagra | viagra en gel […]

sardar of pattaya :

I finished the price negotiation and then a visit to the manufacturing facility of my supplier, I was done with my assignment in Bangkok. I still have two more days for my connection flight to Hongkong. Kim suggested I could spend next two days in Pattaya and offered company car to drop me and later […]

spiti bath :

Being a Mallu, who generally baths liberally two times a day, the news of water scarcity is not accepted with a natural ease. During my Engineering days in the northern part of India, even during peak winters, i was particular of daily baths. When Pranav mentioned about the limited resources of water, in Kibber village, […]

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