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Archive for December, 2006

democracy – one fit all size :

Mere thought of Bush and gang, who believed that Iraqi’s would welcome US troops with flowers and garlands when they march in and that he could walk away from the country in three months after installing a democratic government, makes me laugh my head out. Is it that the tonnes of guys sitting in Pentagon, […]

in a world of small things :

When do we start appreciating small things in life ? This simple thought process struck me while we were trekking through the Parambikulam Wild Life Reserve. After a night stay in the forest, on our way back, the guides took us through a route which was damp and slushy. We were moving along the Tram […]

i am in Q :

One thing I used to hate the most was, being part of a Q and wait. My Q days started ever since I can remember. But as I grew up, I realized Q is something I have no option but to live with. Then why not make the best out of it. Soon Q’s became […]