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fear of unknown :

Who likes to talk about the fear of unknown?

Unknown can turn out to be good or bad, so we don’t necessarily have to be afraid of this. But it can always arouse our curiosity…


As a matter of fact, I love the unknown. I found the journey into the unknown addictive. Its something I could never translate into words. One needs to experience it; the uncertainty and the path, both being absolute bliss!


Of the lot, I found two things that sounds mysterious and stands apart from the rest; woman and life after death, each taking varied slots at varied realms of life.


I am not really scared of death. In fact I am too curious to know what it will be like after death. Exciting part is, I would be solving once and for all this otherwise confusing matrix of illusion. Death is the ultimate unknown that I am excited to know about!


Standing at the tip, 43 meters above Karawa river, on a 5 foot long dive board, I was cool and composed. No gushing of blood, nor the heavy heart beat. It never crossed my mind, even for a macro fraction of a second, the possibility – if the system fails.


So I did the Bungee, as if I have been doing this every other day and in the process, got a perfect dip into the freezing cold waters of Karawa river. When I accomplished the mission, I realized, I was neither excited nor dejected. It was just about one realization that happened in the process. I didn’t get over the fear factor, its just that I had never factored fear into it.


With the given reaction to my action, I could reaffirm myself with my beliefs.


But woman, for reasons unknown, is infact mysterious.


Its not that I run for my life when see one of this species. I do know quite a lot about this species from a distance. But I always made sure that they never passed social limits. I have been pondering why, but I am yet to come to any convincing conclusions.


So the big question is, “Is this species the scary part?


is it the relationship that comes along that drives me away?


So, am I Gynophobic or Gamophobic  or both ?


A friend of mine recently wrote a note making a passive reference of me when he spoke about freedom and leash. Then I was forced to ask myself, is this the same factor of freedom that acts as the villain in my association with the opposite gender and the commitment that comes along?




Is it that I am giving undue notoriety to this one relationship, rather than considering it as just another relationship, that can exist and coexist with my world?


When you are not committed to any thing, you have all the freedom in the world. The freedom to think, the freedom to do anything and every thing; even the freedom to do nothing.  But, when we have all the freedom in this world, do we become prisoners of our own conscience ?


If so, is this freedom, worth it ?

2 Responses to “fear of unknown :”

  1. on 15 Apr 2009 at 9:42 pm Neetu Elsa Ninan

    So, is the freedom, worth it ? 😉

  2. on 15 Apr 2009 at 11:30 pm Kishore


    6 months down the lane,
    i think its worth it 😉

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