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me & my site :

i am pretty much a private person…
last thing I want to do is to brag about myself…
then what am I doing in this incomprehensibly large public space ??

hei, what the heck,
bloging is the new phenomenon…
few years back, getting oneself registered with a site was the in thing,
me too went with the fad, but ofcourse with no clue, what next ???
I always thought its kind of kewl to have a mail ID me@kishoremenon.com.

I have a bunch of techies around,
with few Internet servers and few gigs of space lying around, why not ???

Yep, I too marked my territory for the years to come in this web world,
went ahead & got the site registered and space marked.

Now what ??

I don’t want to put up Photoshop perfect picture of mine & write all about me and people around me. Neither I am a geek to write about some techie stuff.

But here I am filling it up ….

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