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i don’t know :

When ever my nephew is in a mood to read, he comes to me with his books and expects me to read it for him. At times, all I need to do is to ask him

What is this ?

and keep flipping the pages. Continue Reading »

i Question, therefore i am :

Subject of asking Questions is primary & universal

How about the Questions we ask ourselves,

Our internal queries

To extract meaning to our lives we keep continuously asking Questions ourselves Continue Reading »

east meets west :

While east is still in its mode of rudimentary survival, western world has graduated to a self expressive mode. Probably this I would say is the fundamental difference in its perspectives. All this while west has been desperately looking for affection, which east offers in abundance, while struggling hard within to set itself free from the clutches of possession. Continue Reading »

fear of unknown :

Who likes to talk about the fear of unknown?

Unknown can turn out to be good or bad, so we don’t necessarily have to be afraid of this. But it can always arouse our curiosity…


As a matter of fact, I love the unknown. I found the journey into the unknown addictive. Its something I could never translate into words. One needs to experience it; the uncertainty and the path, both being absolute bliss!


Of the lot, I found two things that sounds mysterious and stands apart from the rest; woman and life after death, each taking varied slots at varied realms of life. Continue Reading »

liability :

Liability is the last thing i would like to become….

believe it or not :

I have been trying hard to learn the art of saying NO,
today, am happy that i am yet to..

I have been trying hard not to believe people,
today, am happy that i am yet to..

relationships :

Beauty of any relationship is in its existence beyond conditions

freedom :

When you have all the freedom in the world, you become a prisoner of your own conscience.

Travelogue continues…

Day 2 :
Time to explore Penang. Our Taxi driver, Sardar at his best, even at the age of 77, took us around, from the reclining Buddhist temple to the Batu Ferringhi beach.

Whole new travel options open up before us instead of the initial plan to get back to KL and fly out to HK. Continue Reading »

The other day I happened to watch my living idol Ian Wright on “Travel & Living” and saw his normally abnormal acts in East Asia. But this time there was a funny coincidence, I had already lived those shoots, a few months back.

In the wildest dreams of mine, I never had any clue that this was on the cards when I touched down Changi, Singapore at 6.30 am. He ( let me not take his name ) was there at the exit when I walked out with my 4 foot long baggage at around 7.00 am. He looked at my baggage and said its going to be real fun…
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